Tears of an Early Morning Doubter

I woke up this morning with a feeling of absolute bliss washing over me. I lay in bed staring at the splash of orange creeping across my ceiling and realized two things simultaneously.

1) It was morning, and anyone who knows me, will tell you, I loathe mornings more than I loathe snow.

2) It was fall, officially and without a doubt.

Granted, it wasn’t something that crept up on me one day and suddenly spring up out of nowhere, taking me by surprise. It wasn’t like taxes or death. It just was, and I’ll admit, was pretty nice.

The weather was perfect, crisp, fresh and filled with a new surge of promises. Everything from the brittle leaves to the coats and scarves people were wearing somehow made it that much more… real — winter was just around the corner.

Now normally, this fact would fill me with enough dread to make me run home, dive under the covers and refuse to resurface until the world was blooming once more. But today, everything felt beautiful. It was the kind of day that made me long for a home on the lake. I could almost picture myself venturing out onto the deck, clad in leggings and a thick, fuzzy sweater, a steaming mug of tea in hand. I would sit on the deck chair and stare at the vast stretch of wilderness sprawling out before me. I would sip my sugar — with just a hint of tea — and listen to the whisper of approaching winter and thrive in the knowledge that I was ready for it.

Instead, I pulled on my most comfortable pair of shoes, wrapped a scarf around my neck, broke out my windbreaker and headed out for the longest walk my dog has ever seen. We were gone for nearly four hours before I granted him mercy and brought him ambling home to his doggy bed; he didn’t budge for the rest of the day.

Me, I walked straight into my office, kicked off my shoes, tore off my scarf and began a new journey with Thea, a hotheaded half-breed with a bounty on her head for not being a Witch, a Daemon or a human. Her sarcasm, charm and wit makes me proud. But is the Underworld ready for her? Only I know and I’m not telling until the last chapter is written.




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