Veiled by S.B. Niccum

“I have always existed, not just me but all of us, the un-embodied spirits who wait to live.”
Tess is an unborn spirit, who is about to embark on a much awaited journey into mortality to a brand new planet called Earth. She is chosen by the Eternals for an important mission, and is put under a rigorous training by a half-human, half-lion Seraph. This training exposes Tess to some of her darkest fears and insecurities. These experiences force Tess to work on her gift as a discerner of thoughts and reader of auras—thus helping her become one of Heaven’s most powerful angels. But even angels falter, and deep inside her a gnawing fear is growing. Will she meet her soul mate in life? Will their love be strong enough to overcome the forgetting effects of the Veil? And, is she prepared to take on the responsibility of keeping the most dangerous renegade and leader of the Fallen Angels at bay during mortality?
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As with Living Soul Veiled was gifted to me by the author in paperback form, which was so very generous of her. I was not given compensation for this review. These are my thoughts and opinions and I give them honestly.
So, this is going to be a little embarrassing to confess, but I accidentally read these books backwards. Living Soul is actually book 1 of the series. On this note, I would also like to add that in no way did this deter my thoughts regarding this series. Granted, I was confused after finishing Living Soul. There were things that made no sense and I felt the author left some key points out, but that was only because a lot of those questions had been answered in book 1, which I hadn’t read yet. There are still questions hanging in book 2 (Living soul) which will lead into book 3.
There, with that explained, on to this review.
For those of us who have lost someone, someone dear, we all hang on to that thought, that feeling… the hope that one day we will meet again. It hardly matters if you believe in heaven or reincarnation. What matters is that you have that hope. It’s what gets us through the funeral and the days that lead after. But what if you did see them again, not just see them, but repeat your whole life with them again? We’re not talking reincarnation. I’m talking you being born to the same parents, meeting the same people and starting all over again. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?
Ms. Niccum takes the world of angels and builds it into a beautiful painting of the written word.
We meet Tess and a crew of unique and colorful characters. Tess is an angel plagued by the dark angels who want her to fall (join the dark side). The story is basically mainly about Tess and the tests she must endure once she passes through the veil from heaven onto earth.
On earth, she is a normal teenage girl. She goes to school, makes friends and learns to control her powers. but once again, I noticed that the interaction between Alex and Tess are nearly non-existent. I’m not sure if this is intentional on the author’s part? (building tension maybe?) But I kept hoping that they would react a little more to the attraction two people in love are supposed to feel. I also had a small problem keeping track of all the minor characters. But what I did love, and this was my absolutely favorite part, was the love and adoration Tess showed her family. I loved her interaction with them. I think the only time Tess really lit up, really became whole was when she was with them and that was just the cream on my cake. I think it’s safe to say that I am looking forward to reading more from Ms. Niccum when the time comes.
So, in conclusion:
Will I read the next book? Yes!
Will I tell my friends about this book? Yes.
Did I enjoy it? Yes.
About the Authors
Silvina B. Niccum was born in Rosario, Argentina and raised in Buenos Aires. Her family immigrated to the US, when she was fourteen. She attended the University of Utah and studied Spanish Literature. Silvina now lives in Dallas, TX. with her husband and her three homeschooled children.
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