Free + Book Gift Card? WIN!

You know it’s your lucky day when you walk into a bookshop and get a free gift card just for doing what you love to do, buy books.

I went into Chapters, fully prepared to hunt down all the new releases, old releases, anything that caught my attention. I had an hour and I was fully prepared to use every second of it devouring every book in my path. For me, walking into a bookshop is like a child walking into the biggest toy shop on the planet and getting to buy whatever he/she wants. I get all giddy and starry-eyed and all I can envision is my book one day sitting on one of those massive, glossy shelves — one day very soon hopefully!

So, there I am, grinning ear-to-ear, strolling around when a nice man who works there asks if I’d answer three questions for him. For my time, I would receive a free gift card. I said sure; who doesn’t like free and gift card in the same sentence? Those two are such lovely words together.


1) What brought you to the store.

2) Is there anything you would change about the store?

3) Would you come back.

My answers:

1) Temptation… my weakness… books.

2) Yes, kick everyone out and let me have free reign! Just kidding. No.

3) Absolutely (I already had a Christmas list full of book titles I wanted.)


So, off I went, gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use it since my hour was up, but soon. Yes, very soon *menacing cackle*


In other news, I am more determined than ever to send off my novel. I’ve written the query, had my story polished and scrubbed to an inch of its life, so what am I waiting for? Nothing! Absolutely and without a doubt, nothing. I am ready to take that step. I am ready for both the rejection parts (which is inevitable) and the acceptance parts (which is squee-rific). It’s one of those moments where you just know it’s time and it needs to be done (kind of like taxes, except way more fun!).

But for now, mainly because it’s the weekend, I am going to go finish untangling the mess Thea has gotten herself into in the Underground. Silly girl. (Okay, so maybe I had a little hand in her being surrounded by flesh-eating mountain trolls with nothing but her wits and a Swiss-army knife *snicker*).





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    1. Hello and thank you so much. I actually found the template on the web, but I used the codes to alter and modify the pieces that I needed and removed that which I didn’t. It works best if you know your HTML codes, but even if you don’t, all you need is some imagination and lots of time and patience. lol.

      Best of luck!

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