Surprise: Hint One!

So, I know I’ve been dropping hints all over the place about a surprise. And I’ve been dropping hints about dropping hints. Well, here is hint one, plus a litte taster.
This surprise is something that you, my dear and lovely readers, have been asking for since Touching Smoke. And since this is the first of many hints, I’ll give you a little bonus… the more followers I get here on the site, the faster I’ll reveal the surprise *grin*.
In the meantime…

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” (Name withheld) dampened her lips with a shaky sweep of her tongue. “It’s been three days since my last confession.”
Wood groaned with the shifting of weight on the other side of the velvet drapes. “Go ahead.” The voice was like the rustle of old parchment.
(Name withheld) looked down at the twisted and crumpled handkerchief in her hand, at the white caps of her knuckles. “I’ve been seeing my mother again.”
A brief pause, then, “I see.”
She tried moistening her lips again, but it was like raking sandpaper over raw skin. “She comes to see me sometimes, mostly at night or when I’m alone.”
A moment of hesitation before the voice spoke again. “You know it’s not possible, don’t you?”
“I know, Father, but I saw her.”
The whisper of fabric as the shrouded figure repositioned himself spoke volumes of his discomfort. “Your mother is dead, (Name withheld).”
And there lay the problem.


OoOoOo who could it be? Who could it BE?! *insert devious cackle here*
All right, so keep in mind that this is a VERY rough copy. No editing of any sort has been done. But it shall be all squeaky and pretty in time for the big reveal!
Love ya all muchly! <3

4 thoughts on “Surprise: Hint One!

  1. Airicka Phoenix is a phenomenal writer!! Oooooh I can’t wait for the next book after touching smoke!!! Touching smoke gave me goosebumps! Only amazing writing gives me goosebumps! I’m not an avid reader so a writer has to get my attention in the first few paragraphs of the opening of the book to get me hooked and Airicka knows how to do that 100% her writing is so enthralling and captivating I couldn’t stop reading! And believe me that takes a lot to do! I wish I could write as well as Airicka Phoenix with how she manages to keep her readers hooked on every descriptive word she writes! You are going to be huge Airicka! I can’t wait to see where she goes. Only up from here I predict!! Keep writing amazing books! I can’t wait till touching smoke comes out in paper back!

    1. Oh my goodness… I have tears. Truly I do. I don’t think there are enough words to thank you properly for this comment. Thank you so very much! I am beyond ecstatic that you enjoyed Touching Smoke <3 <3 <3 Thank you! <3

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