Touching Eternity Scavenger Hunt

Attention all blogger friends!
The games have begun. Are you ready?
Airicka Phoenix is looking for fellow bloggers for a Scavenger Hunt for Touching Eternity (Touch 1.5)
Here are the details of the Hunt:
Each blogger will receive a teaser that they will post somewhere anywhere on their blog on their day (each blog will be given a release date). Then the reader will have to find it (so the blogger will have to have hidden it pretty well, not too well.) If they don’t want to search the blog, all they have to do is follow the blogger and the blogger will then give them the
link to where the hint is.
The hints are on little banners so as soon as they found the banners, they privetly message Airicka with the link and the name of the blogger. (Every morning, Airicka will put up 3-4 blog names so the reader has to look through all 3-4 and follow all 3-4 if they want the clue faster.
If you would like to be involve in this scavenger hunt please email your Blog name, blog url, and a couple of suggested dates for the month of October and an email addy to contact you at to Amber at the email listed below:
You can also find more information on the hunt over at
Amber’s Supernatural & YA Reviews

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