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Why do I like supporting authors and posting blog reviews?
Well, I can say because I am an author and I know how it feels to get a review. I can say because I love sharing my thoughts about a book, spreading the word, supporting the author. But as true as all that stands, those are not the only reasons why I support authors and post reviews.
I support authors because they deserve it. Because they shed precious blood and tears to get that book out there and the least I can do is help them get all that effort out for others to share and enjoy.
I review books because books have kept me sane when the world threatened to consume me. Books take me to places I will probably never in a million years get to visit Because books are written to be read and shared, and that’s what I do in my reviews; I share.
Thank you Terri Guiliano Long for giving me the opprotunity to join the blog hop and for being so understanding! I truly appreciate it!
Celebrating Bloggers blog hop

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  1. Thank you so much for taking part in the Celebrating Bloggers hop, Airicka! It’s wonderful to read your reasons for reviewing and thank you so much for the amazing support you are providing to authors!

    My best,

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