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Why do I love bloggers?
Well, let me count the ways.
1) 95% of the bloggers I know are people I talk to everyday. I share everything from what color I’m going to paint my walls to what book I’m reading. In return, they tell me about their day, about their kids and what they have going on on their blogs. They are my closest friends, my allies, my partners in crime. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.
2) They love books. That right there is an instant love factor for me.
3) They put so much time, patience and effort into everything they do. Every giveaway, review, interview, rings with their immense awesomeness and flare for perfection.
4) Did I mention they love books?
5) They put up with my horrible jokes and odd sense of humor. They deserve a medal or something for that alone.
But I love Bloggers because they are just normal people with normal lives, normal families and normal jobs, yet the minute they get on their post, they are unveiling magical worlds and putting the key to those worlds into your hands. Not many people can do it, but every blogger I have ever had the honor of meeting can.
Thank you Ms. Long for this fantastic blog hop and for your patience!
Celebrating Bloggers blog hop

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