Intentions – Midnight Surrender Anthology (Oct 11, 2012) Teasers


Midnight Surrender Anthology (Oct 11, 2012) Teaser

Teaser #1
…the voice.
It was male, thick with sleep and power. It sliced through the line separating us with a husky moan that rocked me to the core. I momentarily forgot where I was or why I was even holding the phone. That single guttural sound caressed the walls of my skull, rich and smooth like melted
chocolate, and I wanted to drown in it. I wanted to bath in it, sleep and die in it. I wanted to close my eyes and beg him to do it again.
“Hello?” So beautiful. So… hot! God how could a single voice be so dangerous?
Words I’d learned from infancy melted away and poured from my ears. I couldn’t even remember my own name.
“Hello?” Bed springs jingled. Sheets whispered, and I had an unexpected image of pale skin, cut and carved from ivory into defined lines of muscle, broad shoulders, tapered waist, gorgeous abs and bulging biceps draped lazily by yards of silk. “If you’re wondering, the answer is yes!” his voice dropped to a torturous purr. “I am naked.”
Teaser #2
“You apologize too much!” I heard him growl seconds before his lips slammed back down over mine, this time with an angry vengeance, like he wanted to hurt me, hurt us both, like he just couldn’t get enough.
His fingers gouged into my back, bruising flesh as he crushed me violently into his chest. His teeth cut into my lips, nipping, sucking and making them swell. Then, his tongue was invading, plundering and conquering mine into submission, and I was gasping, and moaning, and clutching at him to keep him from stopping, because if he stopped… the thought, the heart-stopping, the mind numbing… the torturous thought was just too much, too much and I’d die. I just knew it.
“God, Tessa, where have you been all my life?”
Teaser #3
I dampened my lips. “Wha—what do you want?”
He was staring again, no longer with curiosity, but with a hunger so bright the heat of it lashed against me. My chest tightened as I met his eyes, saw the predator behind them, watching me, caressing every inch of me. Coils of fire laced through my veins, paralyzing me. He slipped forward. His cha
ir creaked as he folded his arms on the table. The scent of fresh rain, mint and grass washed over me. His eyes, I realized, were the pale blue of the arctic. His lips parted and I held my breath.
“I want one night with you.”

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