His – Midnight Surrender Anthology (Oct 11, 2012) Teaser


Midnight Surrender Anthology (Oct 11, 2012) Teaser

Teaser #1
She played coy with her golden eyes hidden behind dark lashes. In the pale shower of moonlight, her sun-kissed body glowed, a Goddess amongst mortals, and I was brought to my knees with images of hot flesh on silk sheets; her body tangled with mine, my teeth replacing hers on her bottom lip. Our gazes locked and the beast in me growled at the roses that darkened her cheeks. I put no leash on my smirk. I let it claim the moment, exposing the predator prowling inside and the promise that I would have her before the pregnant moon fell into the horizon and the sky blushed with dawn. She let her lashes drop, splaying like thick fans over high cheekbones. Her chocolate-brown curls curtained between us, hiding her from me. My teeth bared in triumph.
I wasn’t there to make her comfortable. She had come to me, to my woods, to my home. She had broken my solitude, had stolen my anger, and she may not have known it then, but she had sealed her own fate.
Flames leapt in the pit, bobbing and weaving with the night. It painted sunsets over bared skin. It swayed slow and alluring in the gleaming eyes watching the dance. But I watched her. I didn’t take my eyes off her.
It’s All Hallows’ Eve, little luv, I wanted to tell her, taunt her and toy with her. And you’re my treat!
Teaser #2
“Tell me, do girls really fall for that smoky, Irish drawl of yours?”
His lips bowed and his eyes gleamed with the challenge. “I don’t know. Do they?”
“I think accents are overrated.” I lied instead of telling him only a lunatic wouldn’t melt in a gooey puddle at the sound of his voice.
“Ah, perhaps, but…” his grin was crocked, his eyes smoldering, and when he raked a tongue over his teeth, he was everything my mother had warned me about. “Ya know what they say about Irish men, don’t ya?” his voice dropped to a husky purr that skated down my spine like the expert fingers of a pianist. “We’ll ruin ya for all other men if ya let us.”
Teaser #3
Keane turned the full force of those eyes on me, and something in me shifted, liquefied… sighed. “Please stay, darling?”
One game. What harm could one game do?
“Fine, but I still think this is a stupid game.”
His smile was slow, devastatingly brilliant. “Aye, as do I, but I think we’ll both get what we want in the end.”

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