Perchance by Lila Felix (Review + Tour + Interview)


Book Name: Perchance
Author: Lila Felix
Publisher: Self-Published
Release date: September 30, 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Warnings: Mature content.
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Other Novels: Emerge
Book Trailer: Unavailable
Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, GoodRead
Author Site: Website
Buying Locations: Amazon & B&N

Remi Harris has a plan. Graduate high school, go to college, become a history teacher, be self-sufficient unlike her mother who is a struggling single mom. And the word ‘boy’ has no place in her plan.
Cooper Neal has been sent to his estranged father’s house to spend his Senior year getting to know him. And maybe, just maybe, there will be some cute girls in the small town.
Cooper sees Remi and he falls hard. Remi sees Cooper and wonders if she can do both. The question is; will he ruin her plans, or will she let him be a part of them?
(Excerpt from GoodRead)

This book was generously gifted to me by the author in return for a fair and honest review.
Perchance is the story of Remi, a strong, stubborn girl with her mother’s voice in her head, warning her to keep men at arm’s length. And Cooper, a sullen teenage boy out to meet his father for the first time. What did these two have in common? Well aside from being shipped off by their mothers to live with strangers, they’re both lonely.
So what did I think of Perchance? It was a fun read. Not something I would have picked up on my own, but I’m glad I did all the same. It was a fun read, although there were times when I wanted to hit Remi’s mom. I understood why she hated men, but her methods just drove me nuts.
I did like Cooper. He was fun and handsome. I could totally see him being the hearthrob of the school, oh, and he has glasses. How hot is that? I don’t think I’ve ever read a main character with glasses. That was pretty neat. Remi was a good character as well, but I can’t say I was a big fan. I did like Cooper’s grandmother and Remi’s aunt. They were both fun characters.
All in all, I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a quick, light read.
In conclusion:
Will I read the next book? Yes.
Will I tell my friends about this book? Yes.


Airicka Phoenix: Hello Lila! Thank you so much for joining me and my readers today. We know how busy you are.
Lila Felix: I’m so happy to be here. I always have time for you Airicka!
Airicka Phoenix: Aw! That’s so sweet of you. I have to be honest and say you’re one of my favorite contemporary authors to date. I’m not normally a fan of contemporary, but you may have converted me. Thank you for that.
Lila Felix: Thank you so much. That’s just so humbling. You’re making me blush!
Airicka Phoenix: 🙂 So I want to talk to you a little about your books and your future plans. You up for it?
Lila Felix: Of course!
Airicka Phoenix: Let’s talk about Emerge. Your first novel. I recall you mentioning that Emerge is based on your past experiences. That Jenna is you when you were younger. Is that correct?
Lila Felix: Yes. Of course all of the names and places have been changed but it is the story of me and my husband.
Airicka Phoenix: Does your family know?
Lila Felix: Some of my family knows. Most do not. Lila Felix is a pen name so it’s easy to keep private about it.
Airicka Phoenix: What inspired you to write your own story?
Lila Felix: I sat with two friends once on a trip and one of my friends asked me how I met my husband. I shortened it and gave her a condensed version, but she got all excited and practically screamed that I HAD to write it. So I did.
Airicka Phoenix: Any regrets?
Lila Felix: About Emerge? Never. I wrote it mostly just to get it on paper and out of my brain. Honestly, it was therapy for me. I sent it to a few friends who loved it and asked me when I was going to put it out there. Emerge is heartbreaking in some ways but I wouldn’t be who I am today without that piece of the puzzle. And for that I’m grateful.
Airicka Phoenix: What made you publish it?
Lila Felix: I happen to have a bestie who is an accomplished Indie author. So, when she read it and told me that she loved it and I must publish it, I listened.
Airicka Phoenix: Good choice, in my opinion. But we’re not here to talk about me or my thoughts. This is all you.
Did you think that was it? This would be your one and final book? Or was Emerge the beginning of your love of writing? Or did you always want to write and this just opened the door?
Lila Felix: Ok, what I am about to say is not false humility. I honestly thought it would never sell. I thought it would be purchased by those who I had confided in about writing and that was it. I joked with my friends that it would sell 13 copies and then fall off of the face of Amazon never to be seen again. But then the idea for Perchance came into my head the day that I put Emerge onto Amazon. And then I was compelled to write Remi and Cooper. I’ve always read since I was eight years old. But writing? Never.
Airicka Phoenix: And you have another book in the making. Would you tell us about it?
Lila Felix: I can tell you a little. It’s about Nellie who is a roller derby girl, has blue hair and is the sweetest girl even though her appearance makes others think the opposite. But there’s one guy who knows who she is instantly, Owen. I’m really excited about this book. I mean, I love my other books but I feel like Nellie is so close to my heart. I feel a responsibility to get her right.
Airicka Phoenix: For a lot of us, and I did a survey on this before our interview, we only know you as the author of Emerge or Perchance. People were surprised when I mentioned you wrote both. Do you come across this?
Lila Felix: No, I didn’t know that. That’s interesting. I’m gonna have to go look at that!
Airicka Phoenix: Perchance, your second book, can you tell us about it for those who haven’t read it?
Lila Felix: Sure. Perchance is about Remi who has left her home to take some pressure off of her single mother. But because of her single mother and what she’s gone through, she’s determined to get an education and have a career. Cooper moves to the same town to live with his Dad that he’s never met. Cooper is one of the sweetest guy characters ever and his love for Remi is rock steady. I don’t want to say any more and ruin it!
Airicka Phoenix: And you make your own covers, I hear?
Lila Felix: I do! Emerge is actually a picture of a girl who is the daughter of one of my friends.
Airicka Phoenix: Oh wow!
Lila Felix: She was excited to be on the cover.
Airicka Phoenix: I bet! I would be, too! lol
Airicka Phoenix: Now that we’ve talked about your books, let’s move on to the author behind them.
Lila Felix: Oh boy…here we go. lol
Airicka Phoenix: Tell us about Lila Felix. We know it’s a pen name. I won’t ask you to divulge your real name, unless you feel comfortable. But tell us about your hobbies. Your likes, dislikes. Tell us what shampoo you use and what’s in your refrigerator. We want to know what turns you off a book and what your favorite color is. Nothing is too big or too small.
Who is Lila Felix?
Lila Felix: Wow! Awesome questions! I won’t reveal my real name. Sorry 🙁 I love to cook and Pinterest recipes are my vice. I love my kids, love them. My son is one of the funniest kids ever. And my kids are just wicked cool. I dislike meaners. That’s what my kids call people who are just mean or negative. In my refrigerator is jambalaya that my husband cooked and cheese cubes. And lemonade. Apparently I need to go grocery shopping! Shampoo? Tres Semme, tres semme, ooooh la la!!!
What turns me off in a book is cheating!!! I HATE CHEATING IN A BOOK! My favorite color is aubergine, eggplant, plum, you get it.
Airicka Phoenix: Three wishes.
Lila Felix:
1. That my kids be truly happy.
2. To be content with my life.
3. To be a writer who writes books that make people happy for that small frame of time.
Airicka Phoenix: One final question
Lila Felix: Shoot
Airicka Phoenix: Do you foresee this becoming a long term career for you or are you content to going back to your life before publishing?
Lila Felix: I’m a simple girl. I was perfectly content before writing but now these ideas keep coming to me. I am truly blessed to have even one book out there. Any more is just icing on the cake.
Airicka Phoenix:Well I know I speak for myself and many others who you have touched deeply with your enchanting words, we look forward to reading everything and anything you put out. Your talents have graced the lives of many and no doubt struck cords with several, for that alone, I would like to thank you.
Lila Felix: Awww… that is just such a blessing to hear!! I will never ever get used to having fans and hearing that they love my books. Emerge is truly a piece of my soul and the fact that it helped one person makes it all worth it. Thank you Airicka for taking the time to speak to me. I’m always afraid I’ll sound like a goon!!
Airicka Phoenix: *hugs* back to you, Lila. I wish you nothing but eternal happiness
Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me.

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