Airicka Phoenix is my friend. She is honest, hardworking and an all-around amazing person both inside and out. She made a timeline banner for me and then she also made a book cover. To my surprise it took no time at all and she was very patient. She took a great picture and transformed it into something brilliant. She kept me in the loop with what she was doing and did everything I asked and then showed me a bunch of rough drafts. I enjoyed working with her so much and think she deserves more notice because she will fix things as long as it makes you happy, she’ll make changes and create according to your likeness. Thank you Airicka! You truly are amazing and your work is superb!! Love you! And I’ll be spreading the word about your amazing work! XOXO

~ Author Annie Brewer

I loved working with Airicka Phoenix on my business designs for buttons and banners. She was very kind and patient with me, while choosing what design fit best for me. That was the biggest thing that stuck out is that she made sure the design was my choice, what I wanted, and it came out perfectly. Airicka did an amazing job. I will continue to go to her for all of my business needs when it comes to graphic designs.
~Lady Amber

~ Amber Garcia, from Lady Amber’s Launch Party

Airicka’s Mystical Creations was fabulous to work with! She was very patient with me and gave me several options to get me the header I really wanted! Airicka worked hours to achieve success, she wouldn’t
quit until I got exactly what I needed! She’s the best! Thank you Airicka I love my new header!

~Jessica Johnson, from BookEnd2BookEnd

First off I came to Airicka for the work I saw her do before! I thought she’d be perfect for the job. Boy was I right! Not only did she take my whole image of what I wanted just by telling her, but she made it even better than I thought!! I am more than happy with the service she provided for me I am ecstatic! I loved how she kept me in the loop with each step, and listened to what I was saying, all around a great person to work with!!! I will defiantly be back again for other services and would recommend her to all who will listen! Thanks again Airicka you rocked my socks! *pist yea…why you are you still reading this, get contacting her for your needs!*
~Katy Austin, from Book Dreamland

Airicka Phoenix is one of the best graphic designers I have come across. Fast, inexpensive, and easy to work with- she keeps working until she gives you exactly
what you want. In my experience with Airicka, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, so she was extremely patient and helpful when it came to
designing my logo. Her prices are very affordable, and definitely worth it for the quality she has. Unique and creative, her designs gave my website exactly what it needed to look attractive, professional, and beautiful all at the same time. If you are looking for an amazing, yet inexpensive, designer- Airicka is the girl for you!

~Tamara Beard, from Tamara’s One Stop Indie Sweetinterludes Book Shop

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