Revelation by AmBear Shellea




Book Name: Revelation
Author: AmBear Shellea
Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc
Release date: Unavailable
Genre: Adult, Fantasy
Warnings: Strong Language. Adult Content.
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Other Novels: Amazon & Devine Destines
Book Trailer: Chaos Unleashed
Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Goodread
Author Site: Pedalstem Lillies Series & Devine Destines
Buying Locations: Unavailable


20 Questions

1. Where were you born? The Sunshine State
2. What’s your favorite color? Christmas Red
3. Is your hair color right now your natural color? Parts of it 😀
4. Do you have any tattoos? Yes, I have a butterfly on my foot. Me and two of really good friends all went and get the same tattoo! It’s a friendship tattoo 😀
5. What’s your favorite junk food? McDonald’s French Fries-So my weakness.
6. What’s your dirty secret/guilty pleasure? If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a secret.
7. Cat person or dog person? Cat person! My friends say that I am going to turn into “The Crazy Cat Lady”
8. What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Magic Mike—Totally Worth it!
9. What’s your favorite book? Wow! That’s a hard one! I would have to say Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind. I have read that so many times, the cover actually fell off!
10. If you could switch lives with anyone… who? And why? Queen Elizabeth because I have always wanted to live in a big castle just like Cinderella.
11. The worst movie ever? Now don’t send the lynch mob, just my opinion but~ Napoleon Dynamite! Oh, it just gets on my nerves!
12. Best moment? When my children were born~ there is just no greater feeling or words to describe it. You truly have to experience it to understand.
13. Ever met anyone famous? Yes, Snoop Dogg and his crew came into a restaurant I was working at. Got to visit and I got his autograph 😀
14. Favorite drink? Pepsi It’s the one vice I seem to not be able to give up.
15. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done? Peeled green grapes. It was for a Halloween party. They feel very gross by the way, as they were supposed to be eyeballs. Yuck! But hey it was a big hit.
16. Paperback or ebook? Paperback. Just something about cuddling up on a cold day with a cup of hot coffee, a warm blanket and good book in hand.
17. Coke or Pepsi? Haha, I already answered this one.
18. Did you vote? Yes.
19. Where do you see yourself in 10yrs? At the premiere of a movie based on one of my series!
20. What’s your middle name? Renea
Thank you so much, Amber, for taking the time to stop by and talk to us about your fantastic new release! Best of luck to you in the future!


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