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I am a Young Adult author. That means something. It means I have to be more careful about what I write, what my characters do and say, because my readers are younger. But saying that, I also have a story to tell and that’s my job. I write stories and some of those stories don’t always have a happy ending. My characters don’t always have mundane problems that can easily be fixed or lives we can relate to. It’s not because what I write is paranormal, but because not all of us have had to face all the everyday evils in the world.
Touching Eternity, for those who have read Touching Smoke, is the story of Amalie. Her story is not one of joy and happiness. It is a tragic existence. She is by far one of the most broken characters in the Touch Series. Originally, The series was about her. It was her story before Fallon took over. As a show of respect to her, I had to tell her tale because she is the foundation on which Fallon was created. Without her, there would be no Touch Series. She is such a massive part of everything that happens from Touching Smoke (book 1) to Touching Ash (book 4).
That said, I do not in any way shape or form condone any of the violent acts that Touching Eternity portrays. In my mind set, people who can hurt anyone like that belongs in the lowest pits of Tartarus. But that is the life Amalie has had to live. Touching Eternity is powerful and it’s heartbreaking. It will not be easy for a lot to swallow, but it is a story that needs to be told.
But with that, I think it’s only fair to say that you do not need to read Touching Eternity to understand The Touch Series. Touching Eternity is a standalone, completely separated from the rest of the series. This book’s only purpose is to fill in the parts for those who wish to better understand Amalie.
So with that in mind, I do not feel comfortable marking Touching Eternity as a Young Adult. This will be the only book in the series with such a high rating. As an author of YA, as a mother of two daughters, as a friend to countless women who have young daughters, this book is not for everyone. A lot of my younger readers may be able to handle the scenes, which are not graphic, but more implied. I just don’t want to take that chance. I adore my readers too much to spring something so intense on them without a proper warning.
So, please read Touching Eternity with extreme caution. It really isn’t for everyone.
The rest of The Touch Series,
~ Touching Smoke
~ Touching Fire
~ Touching Embers
~ Touching Ash
Will be Young Adult. Rating 16+.
Thank you all so much for your understanding and I hope you enjoy my series and characters as much as I did writing them.

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