Sliding Beneath the Surface by Doug Dillon (tour)

Sliding Beneath the Surface
Book Name: Sliding Beneath the Surface
Author: Doug Dillon
Publisher: Old St. Augustine Publications
Release date: September 2, 2011
Genre: Adult Mystery Thriller
Warnings: Unavailable
Formats: Paperback, eBook
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A new resident of America’s oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida, fifteen-year-old Jeff Golden suddenly finds himself up to his eyeballs in frightening paranormal experiences. At the end of his rope in trying to figure out what is happening to him, Jeff decides to rely on his friend Carla Rodriguez, and Lobo, an old Native American shaman, for help.

Despite this guidance, things get even worse. Jeff’s spine tingling encounters increase in number and intensity at an alarming rate, scaring him even more. Eventually, he makes the startling discovery that unresolved circumstances involving a bloody event directly out of Florida’s distant past threatens his sanity and possibly his life.

Finally, overwhelmed by forces he cannot understand or control, Jeff’s world shifts from frightening to downright terrifying. In desperation, and on Lobo’s advice, he leaps headlong into the unknown in order to save himself. What Jeff discovers though is that he has entered a level of reality he is completely unprepared to handle while unwittingly dragging Carla with him.

Like all the books in THE ST. AUGUSTINE TRILOGY, the premise for Sliding Beneath the Surface is simply this: You create your own reality.

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1. First Things First!
Even if you desperately want to write fiction, definitely start with nonfiction (articles and/or books) in order to
 get published
 build your writing credits
 hone your writing skills
 actually make some money

The fiction world is unbelievably tough to break into. That doesn’t mean you don’t work
on your fiction ideas as you’re going along. Just don’t depend on the products of that writing to get established as a productive, income producing writer.

2. Follow Your Heart!!
Write about what you love, what interests you or what could interest you if you really let it happen. Doing so will provide the spark that continually ignites your literary career and inflames the interest of your readers. If you’re like most people, you have multiple interests and some of those you can match with what the public wants.

3. Study Your Craft!!
Learn all the rules of writing that you can. That’s a never-ending process. Read what others writers have to say, go to conferences and take classes.

4. Get Support!!
 Join one or more writers’ groups—local, state, national, international.
 Get critiques and editing suggestions from those you trust but who will be honest.

5. Write Something Every Day!!
If you are going to be a writer, then write! At the very least, maintain a journal of some kind so that the written word becomes a integral part of your life.
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6. Read!!
Don’t kid yourself. If you don’t read a lot, you will never be a good writer. Read extensively both in and outside of your genre(s)/area(s) of interest. BUT – if you’re a voracious reader, be careful that you don’t read so much that you don’t write. Yes, it can be a very delicate balance.

7. Take Care of Yourself!!
It’s just too easy to let so many things go when you get deeply involved in your writing and the marketing of your work. Instead:
 Get organized and stay organized.
 Watch out for letting relationships slip.
 Get decent sleep, exercise and eat right.
 Be very careful with the use of alcohol, drugs, caffeine and tobacco. They might help some people in the short term, but they can really GET YOU in the end if you aren’t careful.
 Have fun. Get away from it all when you can.
 Meditate, do yoga, and/or pray in order to stay balance.

8. Learn How to Market Yourself and Your Writing Now!!
Even if you land a book contract with a huge publisher, you will still have to get out there and push your own stuff. This is especially true if you are going to self publish.

9. Give Back!!
As you learn and succeed, offer encouragement and guidance to other writers less experienced than you. Run a writers’ group, help run a writers’ conference or review somebody’s book for them on Amazon or Goodreads. There will definitely be many opportunities to assist others.

10. Don’t Give Up!!
If you’re really going to be a writer, be in it for the long haul. Keep driving yourself forward but learn more, read more, write more and find new ways to make it happen.

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Doug Dillon has been writing for adults and young people since 1984, especially in the paranormal realm. An award winning educator, he spent many years as a classroom teacher, school administrator, and coordinator of programs for high-risk students. Prentice Hall, Harcourt, Mitchell Lane Publishers, Boys’ Life magazine, Learning Magazine and The Orlando Sentinel have all published his work.

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