NaNoWriMo… Here I Come!

After some serious deliberation–and some not so gentle prodding–I have decided to take the plunge and write 50k in one month.
Originally, my main hesitation wasn’t that I couldn’t do it. I know I can, because 50k really isn’t all that much in my opinion. Not tooting my own horn here, but I can write that in 2-3 weeks if I write steadily, which I guess is the point.
But the reason I was on the fence about it was because I personally don’t see why anyone would find the stress appealing. I write to get away from pressure and day-to-day stress. Why would I invite more?
Well, I sat down and really thought about it for a moment and came to a singular conclusion: that’s the appeal. Some people can write when stressed and it actually works out for the best. I may or may not be this person. I’m not certain. All I know is that I will and can write no matter what. Writing is my escape, my fantasy, my dream. I would eat, breathe and marry it if I could.
And that’s what convinced me.
If 50k didn’t bother me. If I could write that under stress, why not? What did I have to lose?
So, here we are. I already have my plot, my hook, my outline. Now all I have to do is wait until Nov 1st to begin with everyone else.

Here is the link to my author’s page
Title: Kiss My Grave
My synopsis:
Most girls worried about pit stains, acne and the right size bra when they hit puberty. For wise-cracking Laura, she has to worry about keeling over dead if she doesn’t find the idiot who stole her gem before her seventeenth birthday.
But harmless pranks go gruesomely wrong when the source of her life falls into the hands of a soul daemon on the hunt for Draugur blood — her blood — to bind the stone.
Suddenly Laura finds herself racing against time and her best friend’s totally-out-of-bounds-motorcycle-riding-leather-wearing brother before her kind is found and slaughtered and her secret revealed. But just when things couldn’t possibly get worse, she learns that the gem has more than just the power to keep her alive. It holds the secrets to a past that will change everything, including her feelings for David.

My Story Excerpt:
Laura had exactly one month to find her gem, kill a soul daemon, tell David they could never kiss again and then throw herself at the mercy of her parents. Didn’t sound so bad. It almost sounded easy, once you got past the whole daemon slaying issue. Hell, not kissing David was harder than that. She just needed to learn how to fight. How hard could that be? People did it on TV all the time. She would simply learn how in the next thirty days.
She thought of gym class. Her gut dropped somewhere past her ankles.
I am so screwed.
“Stop thinking so hard.”
Her math textbook whipped out of her hand before she could even register her surprise at the unexpected intrusion into her self-pitying. The heavy tome summersaulted through the air like a ninja star before nailing its victim square in the forehead with a thud that made her wince. Her victim yelped as the book dropped to the ground at their feet and lay motionless.
“OhmyGod! David!” She leapt off the wall and hurried over to him, grabbing his wrists and attempting to pry his hands off his face. “Let me see!”
“Are you normally this violent in the morning?” he muttered, dropping one hand while the other rubbed the angry welt running vertical down the center of his face.
“Coffee, it makes me edgy!” she grimaced at her lame excuse. “I am so sorry!” She meant it. Marring a face like his… someone needed to arrest her and throw away the key. “I thought you were someone else.”
“Who? The Mafia? Geez, Laur!”
Guilt gnawed at her like a chew toy. “I am so, so sorry!”
His other hand fell away and both his shiny green eyes sprung open. He glowered down at her through a shimmer of tears that he was struggling to blink back. The marks were fading but the area remained a painful-looking red. It really looked awful.
“I am so sorry!” she said again for the third time, releasing one wrist to reach up and smooth the pad of her thumb over the area. “It’s really not that bad. I promise.”
His eyes rolled. His lips twitched. He captured her hand and threaded their fingers together. “You’re such a horrible liar.” He said it with such endearing amusement.
Laura was insulted!
“I’ll have you know I’m a very good liar!”
He bore challengingly into her eyes. “All right, prove it.”
Had his face always been that close? Had she moved? Mm, his breath smelt minty and he had such nice lips.
No! Don’t look at the lips. Focus!
“Prove it how!” Smooth. She only sounded extremely breathless.
Rows of straight white teeth flashed as those delicious lips curled back in a slow, sensual grin.

I wrote all that up last night just after I signed up for the challenge. It came to me while I was debating with the voices in my head–apparently, they are all go-go-go on this! And I’ll be honest here, I am exceedingly excited myself! I’ve always loved a good challenge so this is truly captivating.

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