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If you’ve read Touching Smoke, then you know automatically who Maia is, and depending on what type of person you are, you’re either growling in your throat or clapping in excitement. I’m personally a big fan of Maia’s work *snicker*.

But with the relaunch of Touching Smoke & Touching Eternity, and the release of Touching Fire *eeek*, I’ve been asked who my favorite villain is. Of course, I would have to say Garrison. “But he’s insane!” I know you’re saying, but really, he’s not. Garrison is by far the most sane fictional character I know. His motives strive from obsession and control. Yes, he’s evil and cruel, but he’s actually very brilliant. He’s scientific. To him, what he’s doing is logical. It makes sense. He was, in his own twisted way, trying to help the world.

Anyway, this post isn’t about Garrison or his motives. You’ll have to finish the rest of the Touch Saga to better understand him. No. This post is about Maia.

If I had to pick a favorite villainess, Maia would be it. Maia is absolutely beautiful and in that beauty is a cold, hard center that no longer knows what love is or how to feel compassion. You’ll learn more about Maia and why she is the way she is as the Saga continues. But in the meantime, I was asked who I pictured as Maia when I write her. Funny enough, I pictured two people. It wasn’t until I Googled the movies those said people were cast that I came to realize that they were the same person, which I thought was just great.

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Does Kelly Hu NOT remind you of Maia in the second picture!? Thoughts? Who would you cast as Maia?

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