7 Days of Epic, Day 4 {LP DOVER}


Bestselling Author of the Forever Fae series


Forever Fae Series
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Second Chances Standalone Series
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1) Most embarrassing moment from your childhood, what was it?
Oh wow, okay this one is really embarrassing and my family still gives me grief to this day. I think I was about six years old when this happened. Anyway, I was playing outside with my older sister and one of my cousins and I wanted to play hide and seek. I was running backwards making sure the seeker wasn’t peeking and when I turned around to take off I ran straight into a tree. I broke my nose and blacked out. Needless to say, I looked like a raccoon for a while after that.

2) Has writing been everything you were hoping and what’s your greatest achievement?

My writing career has been more than I ever hoped for. I strive to be better every day and, of course, my ultimate goal is to make the NYT best sellers list some day. Hopefully, that will happen, if not I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished. I will have to say that my greatest achievement comes from the messages I get from readers. To know that my books have touched at least one person’s life is achievement enough.

3) If you could be one of your characters, who and why?

I love all of my characters, but if I had to choose I would pick Ariella (Reign of Ice, book 4 of the Forever Fae series). She’s strong, smart, confident, and knows exactly who she is. Also, she gets to be with Brayden. Brayden is my favorite of my fae princes … lol.

4) The Forever Fae series is finished (congratulations!!) What’s next?

Actually, my faeries are going to make a return! I have plans to start a spin off series of my fae once the new year comes. All of those favorite characters in the Forever Fae series will make appearances in the new one. So you see, it wasn’t exactly the end … it was the beginning. Also, I’m currently working on the third book in my standalone series called Second Chances. I plan on having several books in that series.

5) What’s your favorite genre and why?

I think Fantasy is my favorite genre. Mainly because I can come up with my own world and my own magic. I can get away from our world and experience something of my choosing. It’s an escape.

6) What was the hardest moment in your writing career?

I would have to say the hardest moment was the day I got my first bad review. It was like a five page long review (I’m not exaggerating) that completely bashed every single thing about my book and me. It hurt and I was just astounded how cruel people could be. Needless to say, it was my first book and I was just getting into the author world not knowing really the reality of it all. Thankfully, over the past year I’ve grown a thick skin … lol.

7) What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since you started publishing?

That would have to be that anything is possible. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would have seven published books under my name. Of course, there will be more, but just thinking of that number astounds me. I can’t wait to see how many I have in ten years.

8) Who is your biggest inspiration?

You would definitely be one of them, Airicka. You supported me from the very beginning before I even published my first book. There are so many authors I’ve grown close to, especially the Indie Inked authors. It’s the one group of women who are always there for each other no matter what.

9) What would you tell a struggling author on the verge of quitting?

I would say that quitting is the easy way out. I struggle all the time and there were times when I wanted to quit, thinking I would never be good enough. I may never be good enough, but I’m going to keep writing no matter what. If writing is a part of your life and what makes you who you are then giving up would be like giving up your soul. Fighting through it makes you strong … invincible.

10) Where can one find you online?

Several places actually 🙂 Here are my links:



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