7 Days of Epic, Day 5 {NADEGE RICHARDS}


Best-selling author of the Bleeding Heart Trilogy, the Bionics Saga, and the new adult Breathe Novels.


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The Bleeding Heart Trilogy
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The Bionics Saga
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Breathe Novels
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Questions for Nadège
1) How do you pronounce your name?
Oh, how I love answering this question! My name is French for “hope” and it is pronounced Na-dej. The [j] is very soft, almost [sh]-like. I get this question every time I go out and meet new people, and I’ve had a few Hispanic friends call me Na-de-hay. It’s all great fun with my name.

2) What genre do you mainly write?

I’m a fantasy/dystopian writer. I have swung out of my comfort zone a bit lately, but fantasy is where I think I’ll always call home.

3) What was that final push that propelled you to launch your book into the world?

It was seeing other Indie writers do it successfully. Burning Bridges isn’t my first completed novel. Before starting it, I had written another I planned to submit for traditional publishing. I was a complete novice! This was also like three years ago, so Indie authors weren’t as big. I decided to try my hand at it and I’m very proud to see myself where I am now.

4) Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My readers are my biggest inspiration right now. Of course I have relatives and friends who push me to keep going and striving, but I’d be absolutely nowhere if no one read my work. I never get tired of telling them thank you; their love for my books is sometimes really astounding.

5) Was there ever a time you wanted to quit?

Does every other day count? I don’t think there’s ever a week where I don’t feel like quitting and throwing in the rag. I think this is a big Indie problem, especially for me, but I overcome it by writing until my fingers start to cramp. The more I write, the less I think about giving up.

6) Did you ever have a security toy/blanket as a child? Do you still have one?

I actually had a den of security stuffed animals in the corner of my room until I was about nine and my mother decided it was time to give it all to Goodwill. I don’t have any now, but I do have a specific blanket that I take everywhere with me in the house.

7) If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

I just recently went through a major change for college. My dream, from since I was about twelve, was to become a neurosurgeon. It was the ultimate plan until maybe a week ago and I realized biology and science just wasn’t for me. So if I hadn’t picked up writing, I’d be heading off to Med School. Instead, I think I want to pursue a career in the publishing business. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

8) What do you do after you hit publish on a new book? Is there a particular ritual you have?

I cry, worry, fuss, and jump around for about two minutes, and then I drink a tall glass of chocolate milk. No coffee, because then I’ll crash before it can even go live. I’ll probably even go for a run if I’m not feeling too lazy. Then I stay away from Facebook and all social medias until I get the email that my books is up.

9) What would you like to say to you readers?

I never get tired of saying it. I write for myself, but I tell the story for my readers. I’m two years strong in this crazy-busy Indie world and I’ve only gotten so far because of them.

10) What’s a good place to stalk you?

My Facebook page, without a doubt. I’m more active on there than I am on my own personal account. Stalk; stalk away! – Facebook



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