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Ashes & Ice Series
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1) You’re just starting out in the writing world, what do you think of it so far?
I a-d-o-r-e it. Seriously, where else can you chat with other readers, bloggers, authors about fictional boyfriends, twisty and diabolical plot lines and deliciously gorgeous book covers? I actually fell into the Indie world and it was absolutely insta-love. While this path requires a lot of work and dedication, I am enjoying the journey. I hope to be able to rock 2014 with more published works 😉

2) Ashes and Ice is your debut novel, what’s next on the writing board?

Fire and Shadows! The cover reveal was on November 21st. It is the sequel to Ashes and Ice. It is due to my editor tomorrow! **starts sweating** I hope to release it early January. I am writing straight through Book 3 and will be doing the cover reveal and publication date announcement in January.

3) What inspired you to finally take that leap and publish?

As I mentioned, I fell into the Indie world. I had detailed outlines for agents and heavily researched traditional publishing. While on Facebook, I found a group of authors who had done cover reveals and was shocked that they were Indie published. The quality of the work was so impressive and the community of Indie authors and readers was so supportive/fun/purely awesome that I immediately started researching. Within five months, I finished my novel, found an awesome editor, got my cover designed, organized the marketing blitz and published Ashes and Ice. The initial success (it was #1 Amazon Hot New Release and stayed on three bestsellers list for two months and was voted #1 YA Book Cover of 2013 on Goodreads) was such a tremendous blessing that it fueled my desire to continue. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to my writing this year, but I hope to change that in 2014.

4) What author would you give your right arm to meet? (Dead or alive).

Oh man… there are so many! One that comes immediately to mind is Tahereh Mafi. I adore her books and if you have seen her videos, you know she seems like a fun chick to chill with 🙂 Another would be Edgar Allen Poe.

5) Everyone has one, what’s your biggest quirk?

**thinks hard** I think I am just a total weirdo so nothing is sticking out in my head. My eyebrows are very expressive… people make fun of me for it. I also need to talk with my hands or I feel VERY off. Once a friend told me to sit on my hands and to talk… it wasn’t pretty.

6) Tell us what your novel, Ashes and Ice is about.

The quickie version: Jade, a girl with no memory of her past and blood on her hands flees solitude in search of answers. Instead she finds a boy named Connor who doesn’t offer answers, but hope.

The longer version: Jade is tormented by wicked urges and ugly visions. She seeks refuge in a small Louisiana town where she becomes friend with a bullied boy named Connor who is still recovering from his father’s death. Together, they piece together their lives. Jade’s wickedness plagues her dreams and visions and soon not even Connor can ignore the darkness within her. He isn’t sure whether to protect her or expose her. What he doesn’t realize is that he may not live long enough to choose.

7) What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Hmmm, I lived in Alaska for a period of time when I was 4. I remember being on a boat touring the icebergs and from the deck (I still remember how cold it was!) I saw beautiful orca whales. I remember feeling so small and these orcas were so powerful. I hope to go back someday.

8) Do you work besides writing? What do you do?

Yep. I am a behavioral therapist. I have been a behavioral coach for 10 years and have seen amazing transformations. I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with people so committed to changing their own lives. (www.audacity2live.com)

9) Words of inspiration for new authors?

-Sit yo’ booty down and WRITE! Don’t make excuses for yourself. If there is a story in your heart, write it.
-Don’t be swayed by naysyers. Naysayers lurk everywhere (and sometimes have good intentions), so regardless if it is your mom, hubby, reader, or random commentor, don’t be discouraged by negative feedback. If it is constructive, use it. If not, ignore it.
-Believe you can do it!

10) Where can readers find you?



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