Snowed In: A Paranormal Anthology

Morgana Phoenix
Adult author of Reckless Retribution and the soon to be released, Capture Me.

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Book Name: Snowed In: A Paranormal Anthology
Story Title: Reckless Retribution
Author: ER Pierce, Gabrielle Bisset, Jinni James, January Valentine, Morgana Phoenix.
Publisher: Fused Publishing
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Formats: eBook & Paperback

A group of talented paranormal and erotic authors have come together to weave you the hottest short stories for the holiday season. You’ll meet Vampires, Werewolves, Immortals, Dragon Guardians, and Witches. Be prepared for steam, laughter, twists, and one night of passion.

Forbidden Blood by Gabrielle Bisset – Blurb: Dante Trazzetti has never been what others thought he should be. Italian by birth, he looks more like the California boy he was as a human. A clyten, he’s one of the rarest vampires of all because he can walk in the sun. Being different from what others expect has made him a little cocky, and his fellow Sons of Navarus aren’t wild about the youngest one of them and his ego.

But fate has something up her sleeve to knock him down a few pegs. Meet Scarlett, a witch and sworn enemy of the vampire world. Tall, blonde, and tough as nails, she’s the leader of her coven and wants to help the Sons in their fight against the Archons. All she has to do is be convinced by the man they send to plead their case, a clyten named Dante.

Reckless Retribution by Morgana Phoenix – Blurb: The plan was simple. Avoid Catherine Novak at all costs. There was nothing more dangerous to Clayton McKenna than the woman who made the Draconus blood in him forget who he was. But too bad for him because Catherine had other plans. She wanted Clayton, and she would prove just how persistent and stubborn a woman on a mission could be.

La Petite Mort by January Valentine – Blurb: Crown Resort is bracing for a blizzard, and Jackie Plummer, aka Nina Stravinski, might be snowed in with the all male guests. If the weatherman is right, Jackie will be facing two predicaments: she won’t make it to her second job, and her already out of control table of frat boys might grow more than verbally abusive. They know the cocktail waitress’ secret, and when one demands a lap dance, fear trickles down Jackie’s spine.

Out of nowhere, the big hand of a towering stranger circles the frat’s neck, ready to choke the air from the startled boy. The anger in the stranger’s dark eyes turns to shock when his paralyzing stare fixes on Jackie, who soon realizes Armando Richelieu will be the biggest predicament of her life.

One night with the irresistible Armando becomes more than a passionate interlude, forcing Jackie Plummer to rethink her past … and thrust her soul into eternity.

Immortal Salvation by Jinni James – Blurb: How do you save a newly turned immortal when rage runs through her veins?

Unable to return home Kaley runs from her captures only to find herself in the middle of nowhere. She feels hopeless and lost. That is until Calix finds her. Using his charm and smoldering eyes, Calix convinces her to stay with him over the weekend at a nearby resort.

Kaley quickly discovers there is something to be said for being snowed in with a hot and sexy immortal. Will Calix be her savior, or is Kaley beyond salvation?

Night of the Wolf by ER Pierce – Blurb: As a troubling alliance begins to form between the vampires and dark empaths, Werewolf Zach Tenner is charged with spying on their foes in order to gather strategic information. His pack master forces him to bring Maggie the ice queen along for the ride, and despite the obvious animosity between them, beneath the surface lies a simmering heat neither can ignore.

When the snow covered roads become too dangerous to travel further, Zach and Maggie pull over and decide to spend the night at a lodge while waiting for the storm to pass. Whether they can weather each other is a game they’re both adept at playing.

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