Trip Through The World Of Rue Volley


International Best-Selling Author of the Hellhound Series, Blood and Light Vampire Series,
Vampire Fetish Series, and many more.


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1) Author of no less than 30 novels. Player of the guitar and violin. Radio host and the editor of a magazine. Is there anything you’re not doing and what’s on the plate next?

That makes me tired just reading it hahaha. Well, currently I am deep in a new series I just started called HELLHOUND. I actually started writing it about 3 months ago when the initial idea of it struck me. It basically follows the life of a woman by the name of Halo Bay as she dies and goes to Hell for murder. The murder she committed was in self-defense so she is given a 2nd chance at redemption by Lucifer and trains to become a Hellhound. Hellhounds defend humanity and try their best to kill the demons who escape hell (which has a tendency to piss Lucifer off) The Hellhound team consists of Halo Bay, Gunner (a Roman who helped kill Julius Ceasar) Ari, a Viking King who fell in battle, his lover Finna and Dorin, a vampire who killed Vlad the Impaler. It is Dark Fantasy with Horror elements and of course steamy sex scenes that will curl your toes. I am thrilled at the reaction it has received from fans and new fans alike. It is currently sitting at #13 on amazon. If that was not enough I have book two scheduled to come out December 28th. I also have a new box set releasing December 2nd for the holiday. My story “Vertigo” is just one of EIGHT stories in it and I am joined by my publishing sisters from Hot Ink Press™. This box set will melt all the snow around you so be sure to snatch it up on Cyber Monday! Other than that I am just working on one more book that will be out on Valentines Day 2014 called “Georgia Blue”. It is my FIRST full on romance title I will be releasing in a box set with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing called “Radioactive Tales of Love.”

2) Which is your favorite genre to write? And what is it about it that sparks your passion?

My favorite genre is always going to be EROTICA. Writing in that genre allows me to write without boundaries of any kind and I love it. I can mix my deep love for the paranormal with it and that to me is heaven.

3) During our chat, you mentioned you were a literary coach, amongst all your endeavors, when do you make time for writing? Is there a specific time in the day/night you like writing best?

I am a lit coach and proud to be. My role as one consists of teaching how to tell a story and engage a reader. I am not an overly descriptive writer; I try my best to NOT bore people with too many details. I find it much more fun to really focus on characters and conversation. To let the reader live the book and not be TOLD what is happening. I want them to be able to visualize it and walk away with a sense that regardless of how fantasy like the world was they could know these people in real life. If you cannot do that then you will never gain a following. You could have the best grasp in the world on grammar and bore someone to death with your writing if you do not have an engaging cast of characters. So that is my job, to make sure that the writers that I help connect with people on a level that is necessary to sell the book and story. As far as writing goes I am not normal. I laugh as I say this because I can write a 150-200 page book in less than a week and be done with it. Then I go for 3 weeks and I do not write a single word. I do not believe that writers block really exists, what does exist is FORCING yourself to write when you have no inspiration or intention of doing it. I think if you took a survey most writers would tell you that when they “made time” and “forced themselves to write” they ended up trashing 80% of what they did and hated it. My advice is to let life happen, take a short trip, a day off. Go someplace new, attend a party, a new club…make a new friend. ALL of these things help you grow as a person and spark your imagination. These are the things that write your books for you, not forcing yourself to sit down because you feel obligated to write. That will end in frustration; just allow the inspiration to build up and when the time is right you will find the story was there all along. For your last question I always write from early morning until 3pm. I used to write at night and for some reason it switched on me last me.

4) What are you working on at this very moment? Is it part of a preexisting series? Will you share a taste with us?

5) What do you do on your spare time?

What is this “spare time” you speak of?? When I am not writing I am the Head of Marketing/Promotions and Creative Design for Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, Hot Ink Press and Vamptasy Publishing. I am a freelance photographer and owner of Volley View Photography, I am a Graphic Artist and I also make jewelry and crafts and give 50% of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Research in memory of my Mom. Maybe someday spare time will knock on my door but for now I work 7 days a week to move forward.

6) Tarantino, you mention him, is he an inspiration? If not, who is?

Yes, I love Tarantino and David Lynch. I also love Joss Whedon. I love the screenwriters for Supernatural, Justified and Sleepy Hollow. I adore Firefly, I think that series was pure genius. My inspiration has and always will be movies. I write like you are watching a movie in my books. I did not learn to write by reading other books and maybe that is why I tend to have a unique writing style all my own, or so my fans tell me. I appreciate that and not everyone will get me and that is okay. I don’t like everything out there either lol. My intention has always been to go to film and so with a few of my stories on the table now for just that I am thrilled. I plan on seeing something in production in under two years. It takes so much longer to go to film than it does to write and release a book. But anyway, those are the plans and deals on the table now.

7) What do you see yourself doing in ten years? Do you think that far in advance, or do you take it a day at a time?

Oh in 10 years?? Wow. I have trouble with 10 minutes out sometimes. Lol I would have to say in 10 years I will be back on the east coast, living in Maine again. I am an east coast girl and I miss the ocean. I would have to say by then I will definitely have something on film/series, however that works out. The rest is a mystery, kind of how the ends of my books are usually a mystery to me until the characters lead me to it.

8) If a person looks over your bookcase, what conclusion would they come to? What would it say about you?

It would say that I love World War II history books, Indie authors and I have a ton of books in print of my own.

9) As a coach, an author and as an artist, what would you tell an author on the verge of quitting?

I would say stop. Sit down and pull out a piece of paper. Turn off the phone, the internet, shut down the laptop and lock the door. Then place that pen to paper and let the words flow. This will remind you of why you started to begin with. It wasn’t to be famous. It was not so you could impress the world. It was for the love of storytelling. To kill that would be a shame.
Now….write a scene and KILL whoever made you feel this way! hahahahahaha

10) Where can readers find you?

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