Important Young Adult & New Adult Update!

Airicka Phoenix
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No, I’m really not. I mean, if I was, I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you anyway, right? Okay, focusing again. So the reason I’ve gathered you all here today is to tell you of a decision I’ve made. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but have only recently decided it’s the right thing to do.

As some of you may, or may not know, I write adult contemporary and paranormal romance under my much darker alter ego, Morgana Phoenix. This is the name I chose (yes, chose. It’s a nom de plume, which is fancy for pen name), for books I don’t feel comfortable letting my younger readers get their hands on. Books that I have rated (for good reason) 18+ or Adult. Some of you might be wondering, well, why not choose a name that isn’t so closely related to your Young Adult works, and that’s a good question.

Because I’m not hiding the fact that I write adult and I want my readers to know that Morgana is me as well.

The books under Morgana Phoenix will not be erotica. There will be strong sexual content and language between the characters, but the characters are adults and the content of the books are meant for adults. The reason behind the pen name is because I want there to be no mistake that one is suitable for my younger readers and one is not.

Originally, I was going to write Young Adult and New Adult under Airicka Phoenix and leave the really Adult stuff under Morgana, but as I was writing Gideon’s Promise and My Soul For You, both of which are New Adult, I realized that I’m not comfortable putting them out in a place my younger readers will mistake them for Young Adult when it very much is not. That said, this is my official announcement that I am transferring all New Adult works under Morgana Phoenix. That includes my Sons of Judgment Saga. Thankfully, the only New Adult book I currently have out is Octavian’s Undoing so the transition won’t be as jolting.

All that said and done, I thank each of you for understanding and being so supportive. In no way will this change affect release dates. The only outward change will be the name on the covers. It’s mostly to help ease my mind that my books are getting to the right audiences and I’m not in any way shipping inappropriate material to the wrong group of readers. I respect and cherish you guys way too much to accidentally offend anyone.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please let me know. You can comment below or get a hold of me just about anywhere in the social media world.

Lots of loves,
Airicka <3

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  1. I already stalk you under both names so no problem here. It is actually an awesome idea. And of course I’d read anything you write ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you for the heads up – I’ll make sure to subscribe to both Morgana and Airicka Phoenix on amazon for updates so I don’t miss out on any of your books!

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