Capture Me

Coming 2014
Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

Book Series: In The Dark Series, book 3
Books in the Series:
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After years of struggling to make his mark as an artist, Johnny Hoffman has finally gotten his big break. All he needs now is that perfect piece of art to be his shining star.

In walks Elle, a timid beauty with a fire Johnny knows could explode to unimaginable heights under the right hand. But Elle isn’t looking for a relationship and Johnny’s sure he isn’t either, but he can’t help falling for the woman coming alive on his canvas.

For the first time in her life, Elle Knight is finally free, but her freedom hadn’t come without a price. Elle is on the run from a three year long mistake that wants her back dead or alive. She’s not overly anxious to fall into that trap again, but one look into Johnny’s soulful brown eyes and Elle’s heart is captured and she’s shown into a world where love doesn’t hurt and being happy is okay.

But when Elle’s past threatens to destroy them, can their love survive the betrayal? Will Johnny surrender his muse and will Elle finally put an end to the nightmares?


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