Kissing Trouble

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

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Escaping into the wilderness should have been a piece of cake for a super-babysitter like Julie Brewer. Three kids, one month, what could possibly go wrong? Except maybe the unexpected arrival of the one man she’d never been able to quite get over. Even if he had broken her heart once already.

Mason Brody was just looking for a weekend with the boys. Getting nearly clobbered by a baseball wasn’t as shocking as the sight of Julie again. After the way things had ended between them the last time, he never expected to see her again.

But there was so much more than just their past between them. There was a dark force lurking in the shadows, waiting for the chance to appease its hunger for death and it will stop at nothing until it’s fed. Now, they just have to survive the night long enough to see the future.

Can Mason and Julie keep the evil at bay long enough to escape?
Or will the monster add their lives to its list?


   Title: Kissing Trouble
   Series: Standalone
   Release Date: October 11, 2014
   Genre: Contemporary
   Pages: 378

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