New Face Giveaway!

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This is how I feel every time I want to lure my readers to my website, but maybe a little less seductively, because let’s face it…I am really sucky at seductive. But I try and come off looking like…

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Seriously, my sexy face scares people. But that’s not why you’re here. At least I hope.

You’re here because with every new year and new book an author changes, they grow and what they liked a year ago just isn’t the same as it had been then. I’ve decided a few changes were necessary if I were to settle in for the following year (2015), and yes, I really am that prepared…sometimes. That said, I would like to amaze you with my pretty new layout, my fancy new banner and finally, my awesome new set of gifs. Enjoy them all.


There are a series of links below. Click on them and then in the comments below, tell me which number you were and under which name. The winner will get signed set of rake cards and bookmarks.


9 thoughts on “New Face Giveaway!

  1. G+ -385
    And already liked you on the others!! Sorry dont have an instagram or a tumblr… guilty as charged lol!!! Sooo would love a chance to win!! *geeking out*

  2. Yes,there is one link I’m not currently following(well wasn’t following)! I wouldn’t usually be excited about having a social network I’m not stalking,I mean following,oh who am I kidding I do mean stalking you on,yes people yes I am a Proud Airicka Stalker! But since I wasn’t stalking you yet on Tumblr I get to enter contest,so…YAY!

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