Some Good News, Bad News And No News At All!


I’m a strong believer of good news last to mask the bitter taste of bad news. So, we’ll stick with that.
The bad news, winter is here, and with it, a thick canopy of rainclouds. But given that I hate snow, rain is nearly tolerable, except when you have to walk around in it daily. Still, better than snow, because in British Columbia, snow doesn’t stay snow for longer than it takes to hit the ground, then, it’s a messy, slippery muck and usually, it goes to your knee. Luckily it doesn’t stay very long.
Now for some good news.
I’ve reached 27,846 words on my NaNoWriMo! YAY me!


4 thoughts on “Some Good News, Bad News And No News At All!

  1. you are rockin your nano!! I am sorry about the yucky weather bebe, but if it keeps you inside and writing stories then all the better for your legion of fans, yeah? Keep on typing . . . .


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