Look, I’m Still Cautiously Alive!

Wow! Where to start with the unstoppable whirlwind that has been my life? I guess this would be one of those good things and bad things posts. So, we shall start with the bad.
Christmas is literally 23days away. That’s not a bad thing! You’re probably thinking, but think again. Christmas means all the Crazies come out of hiding. You know the ones I speak of. Those wild-eyed maniacs that haunt shopping malls in their Snoopy pajama bottoms and sweaters with playful kitties frolicking with yarn across the front. Of course, they also wear giant bunny slippers and carry a carpet bags. Naturally, everyone’s crazy shopper is different. But they always come out this time of year, ransacking the malls, screaming at the clerks and snatching things from little kids because they waited until the last minute to shop. I know this, because I am one of these Crazies. Don’t worry, I am seeking help as we speak.
A little good news. I finished my NaNoWriMo with a whopping 118,151 words. Am I excited, Hell Yes! I even got a fancy certificate that I’m going to show off.

Isn’t it purrrtyy?? *strokes shiny winner stamp thing*
Back to bad news. I have a sore throat. I haven’t written anything in three days (not counting half an hour ago when I wrote six pages). Also, and this might take the whole cake, candles and the damn icing, it snowed! Briefly, but snow is snow and anything that falls in fluffy white wetness… UGH! Luckily, it lasted all of one day.
And round again to good news. I got a cute banner for the 50 book challenge. Of course, I have read way more than 50 books this year, but the challenge called for 50 books only, so here is my awesome banner.

Isn’t it prettiness in a shiny, Christmas bow?
I’m sure I’m missing stuff, but clearly it must not have been important enough for me to remember in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Look, I’m Still Cautiously Alive!

  1. I am so proud of you for winning your beautiful banners!! It took a lot of hard work to make that happen and I know it because even though I got close I didn’t quite get there with my word count and never got even close to the end of my strangely convoluted story. LOL. Still, I am going to try again another year. 🙂

    You inspire me to write and reach for my dreams every time I talk to you or hear about all the stuff that you are doing. Thank you for being so inspirational.

    Love you,

    1. I think you have that backwards hun; you’re the inspiration, and I’ll be there next year, poking you and forcing you to finish! lol. That will be my challenge. lol. I hope you’ll still finish the story you started for NaNo. I am really looking forward to reading it!

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