2012, I Love You

Oh look, I didn’t die in the fiery death of 2011! I surpassed a brutal Christmas and lunged, claws and fangs bared, into the New Year, so eager to escape the agony that was 2011, and so far, 2012 has been a long, lost friend.
I have finished several stories, edited most of them and am armed and ready to begin what I hope will the year.
I’ve also read some amazing books, a few that I am dying to share with everyone because they are just too amazing not to share, so keep an eye open for some new reviews and short stories that I’ll be posting. I’m very excited for this year, because I can feel that this will be a good one! Already, things are looking up, I feel great –minus the slight cold I have– and the story juices are just a flowin’! I have some fantastic ideas and I can’t wait to get them all written down.
I also want to wish everyone a very late Happy Holidays and the best of the New Years, but more than that, I wish for everyone to have a good, if not better, year than last year!


2 thoughts on “2012, I Love You

  1. 2012 will be the best year ever cause it is my lucky number, plus, this is the year that someone discovers just what any amazing writer you are. Well, someone besides me. Love you bebe. Thank you for the gift of words and sharing your talent!! Not everyone is able to offer such a gift to the world, but you are and that is a gift all by itself!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoKel

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