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I have this fear most people aren’t aware of and it mostly consists of me running out of gifs, because let’s face it, gifs make the world a bright and sunshiny place. Also, I have this fear of forgetting things. I know a lot of people share this fear, especially men and anniversaries. Unfortunately for my husband, I’m the one who forgets special occasions, including (and not limited to) my own birthday, which happens to fall on Dec 25th. Yeah, exactly. How does one forget that?!


Thankfully, I have a PA, a publicist and a manager to keep me semi organized, except when I forget to tell them stuff … O_O and so the vicious cycle continues. *deep and profound sigh* But that’s okay, because this isn’t a post about me having forgotten anything. In fact, we’re here because I have a few announcements to make.

1) ALWAYS YOURS, BABY Release Day Blitz and Blog Tour is up and running if you’re interested in signing up! Spots available from May 26 – June 19Fill out the form here. ✫\\This also includes ARC copies for review//

2) THE BABY SAGA Spotlight Blog Tour has spots available from June 8 – 19. Fill out the form here. ✫\\This also includes copies for review//

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Are you ready for this last bit of news? Are ya? Huh? Huh? HUH???

3) Cover Reveal for TOUCHING EMBERS!! No! You did not read that wrong. YES! You did read that right! Cover reveal, Wednesday, June 17 and the release…*drum roll* July 27th! Fill out the form here.

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I know right? I am so happy to be getting back to Isaiah and Fallon. I can’t even tell you how good it feels to get into that snarky head again.

But be sure to select YES when asked if you would like to participate in future Airicka stuff.  Also, I would love if you could share the news, the forms and sign up. We have a full year of great stuff lined up for you guys so I’m super excited to get started.

What kind of stuff??

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What?! No! Not that kind of stuff. Geez. At least not in this post. *shifty eyes*

Well, here is the incomplete list of all releases in 2015! Please remember that nothing is ever set in stone. Dates and titles are subject to change for various reasons and more titles may be added, or removed, all which will be announced prior to the release/reveal. But I will do my best to stick to the schedule.

Bye-Bye Baby – Jan 2015 (RELEASED)
Gideon’s Promise – Feb 2015 (RELEASED)
Be My Baby – March 2015 (RELEASED)
The Voyeur Next Door – April 2015 (RELEASED)
Always Yours, Baby– May 2015  (COMING SOON)
Touching Embers(IN PROGRESS)
His Lullaby Baby(IN PROGRESS)
Title To Be Revealed(IN PROGRESS)

 Whoa, wait? What’s this? His Lullaby Baby? Title to Be Revealed? WHAT?! What you playing at, woman?

If you read my post a while back regarding the title changes to the Baby Saga then you will remember that I changed a few of the titles around. His Lullaby Baby is now book #5, the final book in the Baby Saga. As for Title to Be Revealed, well my lovelies, that is a surprise that deserves its own post. *wink wink* But trust me, you will be surprised.


As always, love you all loads and loads. Please be sure to fill out the forms and I look forward to rocking 2015 with you guys.

Love Always,
Airicka <3

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