Willa & Damon Update + Cover Reveal!

That’s usually the reaction I get when these two are mentioned. Everyone wants to know their story and I can’t wait to give it to you. And I’m assuming, if you’re here reading this, that means that you’re just as excited.




I’m a little nervous and a whole lot excited to announce a few changes to the book. Bear with me, I promise these are good changes.

I want to first start off by reminding lovers of the saga that originally, Forever His Baby was a standalone. The love for the McClain clan was so great that I just had to share Cole and Beth’s story. Then Calla and Jared in Be My Baby. Finally, Willa and Damon. That was supposed to be it. Supposed to be. But any author will tell you that nothing is ever final and before I knew it, I had two more little voices chirping in my ear — Toby & Addy. Those who haven’t read Forever His Baby, or Bye-Bye Baby, I won’t tell you who Toby is, but he wants his own story. I’m inclined to give him one.

What does this have to do with Willa & Damon? You ask. Well, let me tell you. Originally, as you may recall, Willa & Damon’s story was entitled You & Me, Baby. Toby & Addy’s story was entitled Always Yours, Baby. After much deliberation, I have decided that the two titles will be swapped. The reason behind the decision will be made clear once you’ve read the stories. The titles fit the other’s book. So, come May 27, 2015 (no, you didn’t read that wrong! Eeek!), Willa & Damon’s story will be titled: Always Yours, Baby and Toby & Addy’s book, the final book in the saga, will be called His Lullaby Baby.

Now, for the really good news … The form is available for sign ups if you’re interested in helping me reveal the cover!!


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!




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