Their Mortal Sin

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Title: Their Mortal Sin
Series: Their Mortal
Book Order: 1
Release Date: Coming Soon
Genre: Erotic Threesome
Pages: N/A
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It started with a drink and ended with an earth shattering climax…

Tori McCallister didn’t have time for fun or men. Her five year plan allowed for neither and that suited her just fine. Who needed hot, primal fucking anyway?

The man, the one who slipped up behind her at the bar, hiked up her skirt and made her come hard and fast right where she stood, was an animal. Wild and dangerous, and not human. His touch was sexual euphoria, his lips were the key to all the O’s she could possibly desire and, oh, he has a friend.

But when passions run out of control and rules are broken, it’s up to them to protect the woman that doesn’t belong in their world. If they can keep their hands—and other body parts—off and out of her.


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7 thoughts on “Their Mortal Sin

    1. Hey Tracey!

      Magnus’ Defeat is set to be released early 2016. Keep an eye on my website (social media sites) for an exact date!! Thank you so much for your message!!! ^_^

  1. Hi. I think you cant keep saying early 2016. Its May and fast approaching mid year 2016. Been waiting a long time for book 3. Cant wait to read it and book 4. Do you have a month set for release? Thanx

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