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REVIEW — Fame & Obsession



This is a review a very long time coming. I finished this book ages ago, but thanks to life, holidays, and a whole slew of other hurdles, I kept having to push back writing it. But here we are and I can’t wait to get started.

FAME & OBSESSION by Cora Kenborn is a debut novel that will shock and amaze you. For a first time author, we usually give a bit of leeway, expecting it to be good, entertaining even, but we never expect it to stay with us long after the last page. But despite it being months since I read it, I remember every scene in vivid detail. Ms. Kenborn will hold you to the edge of your seat until she’s good and done with you.

Phoebe Ryan is a writer escaping a haunted past. Julian Bale is a rockstar with his own ghosts. Right from the very first chapter, you can feel the heat jump off these two. It’s intense and wild, and will leave you breathless to see what happens next. Julian, being the oh so clever man that he is, coaxes our lovely heroine into writing his autobiography and it all goes up in flames from there. The good kind of flames. The sexy, dirty kind that makes us readers reach for our water glasses. But the insanity doesn’t end there. Phoebe has a stalker and you will not believe who it is. I sure didn’t. I recall very clearly the moment I found out. I literally bolted upright in my seat and gasped, ‘no freaking way!’

But with all the good, of which there are many, there were two things I didn’t quite like. One was Julian’s ex-girlfriend. The other was the cliffhanger at the end and no second book (yet). The first needed to be thrown into a volcano. The second needs to be rectified quickly. 😉

All in all, loved it. Definitely can’t wait for book two!

**Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**


Overall: 5 Unicorns


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