There is no right way to publish. Everything is a lot of trial and error, but every bit of advice helps, in my opinion. All posts are merely suggestions, things I’ve done that helped me. Meaning, it may not work for everyone. Use your own discretion and play around to see what works best for you.

1. 7 Tips on Writing

2. The Wonders of Kindle Addresses & How to Use Them

3. How To Get Kindle Books Without A Kindle

4. #HASHTAGS: To Hash or Not To Hash

5. SEXY HERO NAMES: What’s In A Name

6. HEROINE NAMES: What’s In A Name II

7. WRITE & WRITE OFTEN: How To Stay Focused

8. TWITTER TWEETS: How To Make Your Tweets Fit

9. How To Better Your Writing in 5 Easy Steps

10. 7 Things You Need To Know About Self-Publishing

11. The All-important Author Mailing List: How to Gain and Keep Subscribers

12. Is Your Book Cover Affecting Your Book Sales?

13. How to Avoid the Dreaded Pirates & Still Get Reviews

14. How to Master Your Writer’s Block

15. Save The Drama For Your Mama!




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