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I have a limited number of bookmarks, postcards and rack cards, along with a few other things like business cards and whatever else I can fit into a letter size envelope.

All you have to do is send a SASE (Self addressed stamped return envelope) envelope with enough postage to cover the cost. If the number of stamps does not cover the amount owed, sad to say, your envelope will be sent back to you. You can ask your post office worker to give you the proper cost by weighing the envelope.

Now, things such as postcards and rack cards do not fit in a regular envelope. You will need to send one of the yellow package envelopes. I personally like the ones lined with bubble wrap, and not because they’re fun to pop, but they keep the package from being bent.

From personal experience, postage usually costs roughly $3 so please make sure your SASE equals to that amount.

Send SASE to:
Airicka Phoenix
Mailing Address To Come Soon!

So a few rules:

1) Like signed books, if I run out, all shipments will be put on hold until more swag can come in. This can be anywhere from a couple of weeks, to a month, to a few months. Please be patient and read rule #4.
2) I am not responsible for lost mail.
3) Do not send money or checks. I accept only stamps on the envelopes.
4) Please do not message or email me regarding swag. They will not be responded to. All packages will be sent as quickly as possible.
4) I am not accepting international requests at this time. US & Canada ONLY!




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