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It’s my joy and pleasure to work with authors, new and established. Watching projects come to life and dreams become a reality is a wonderful feeling and I relish in it. But even good things need rules.

I WILL NOT work on:

  • Material with homophobic, incest, abuse, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, hatred, racism, etc content
  • I also reserve the right to reject all projects should I feel uncomfortable.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Design & Formatting
    (including, but not limited to:
    Formatting: paperback & ecover
    Design: Covers (paperback & ecover) bookmarks, swag, logos, banners, teasers, posters, etc)

    – All images must be provided by you.
    – All images must be no less than 300dpi (XL)
    – All images must be bought and paid for from a reputable website (I can offer links if necessary)
    – I may ask to see proof of purchase
    – You are responsible to make sure all images are legal for usage and the copyright allows you to use it for the required project. I will not be held responsible if you use an image illegally without my knowledge.
    – I will adjust previously completed pieces (font, color, typos, resize, etc), but will not redo or recreate a project from the bottom up. That will be considered a new project and new fees will apply.

    – Should you have a concern, please contact me immediately, directly, and privately. I will work promptly and to the best of my abilities to resolve the situation.

    Payment policy
    – I require a half payment up front before project can be booked.
    – The first half of the deposit is automatically non-refundable the moment the project begins. You will be notified when this happens.
    – The second half must be paid promptly before project will be delivered without the watermark.
    – Once the project has been published, used, accepted, the second half of the payment also becomes non-refundable. As the project has been approved, used, and accepted.
    – I accept PayPal only and an invoice will be sent.
    – My work is to never be altered, recreated, or duplicated by another designer.
    – I ask for no less than two weeks of notice before projects. All designs are done on weekends and I get booked up months in advance.
    – I reserve the right to charge extra for rush projects.
    – I ask that I be given a deadline date the project is needed by and given sufficient time to complete the task.
    – Should for whatever reason I am unable to comply, I will contact you immediately and stop project until you have made a decision.
    – Overdue invoices are charged 10% on the balance due, per month.

    Ecover – $50
    Wrap/Soft cover – $75
    Back/Spine only – $20
    *Author encouraged to find own image if possible. If they find an image and can’t buy it, I will, but they have to pay the image fee.
    **Wraps also come with an Amazon eCover + release day banner.

    Banner – $30
    Logo – $30
    *Author must find own image.

    Bookmarks: $20 + Publisher fee (Depending on number made & taxes)
    Swag: Message to discuss.

    Paperback formatting (Createspace only) – $75 (included: inside cover design)
    Paperback formatting (Createspace only) – $60 (Without inside cover design)
    eFormat (Amazon) – $50 (Included: inside cover design)
    eFormat (Amazon) – $30 (Without inside design)
    *Author must find own image.

    Visit Facebook for all past & present projects.

    I am currently not accepting editing projects.
    I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

    Proofreading/basic editing (including, but not limited to: novels, novellas, essays, teasers, blurbs, transcript, audio etc)

    – I will work studiously to make your every project the very best it can possibly be to the best of my abilities.
    – I will always be available to answer questions, give further clarifications, or offer support in what way I can.
    – I will be 100% honest with all my comments and will explain my reasons, opinions, and suggestions until it has become clear.
    – I will contact you with questions and may pause project until you respond for clarification purposes so please be available.
    – All material will be handled with care and respect.
    – I will not change the author’s voice.
    – All edits are basic and to the best of my abilities. I strive for optimum perfection, unfortunately, as is in life, nothing is guaranteed and I will not be held responsible for errors due to neglect. Always double and tripe check all projects before publication.
    – I will look for and correct:
    – Characterization
    – Flow
    – Minor grammar/punctuation
    – Plot holes
    – Track changes will be used. No corrections will be made directly to the file.
    – Should a date be set and project not delivered on that date and not confirmed or cancelled no less than two week before, I reserve the right to reject and/or push the date back to accommodate other clients
    – You are responsible for all corrections. Should you choose to ignore my corrections, then you are liable for any errors, discrepancies, typos remaining. I will not be held responsible.

    Payment policy
    – Payment is summarized by number of pages in the file after file has been converted to the proper dimensions of:
    Font: Time New Roman
    Size: 12
    Indent: .05
    Justified and double spaced
    – It’s $1 per page
    – First half of payment must be paid via PayPal in order to secure date of editing. This payment is non-refundable as soon as project begins. You will be notified when this happens.
    – Second half becomes non-refundable once material has been published and/or distributed to readers in any capacity, including, but not limited to Advanced Reader Copies as this will be considered a completion and your acceptance/approval of the project.
    – Edits are only done Mon-Fri with an additional cost of $10 a day for weekends.
    – One chapter will be done per day, summing the number of days required to complete project by number of chapters in the manuscript (eg: 30 chapters, 30 days)
    – Rereads after corrections is $1 per page and I would need the same number of days as the initial editing process in order to complete, so make sure you have the required number of days between edits and your release date. I will not be held responsible if days given are inadequate. I will not rush a project.
    – Overdue invoices are charged 10% on the balance due, per month.

    – Should you have a concern, please contact me immediately, directly, and privately. I will work promptly and to the best of my abilities to resolve the situation.

    – If I find plagiarism of any sort or level in the file, I will report the file, the client, and refuse to work with them. And the material will be deleted permanently from all sources. I have zero tolerance for this.

    Privacy policy
    Your information will NEVER be sold or shared.
    Conversations between us will remain private and, by accepting conditions, I will be shown the same courtesy.

    – Our conversation online will serve as our agreement. Upon your acceptance to these rules, you are accepting and acknowledging these rules and all they hold.

    These terms are final and will not change without prior notice.




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    1. Hi. I own 2 Girls and A Book and am interested in getting some bookmarks with my logo and stalker links included. I would like to discuss cost with you when you have a moment. TIA

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