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  1. I just finished reading “Transcending Darkness” and not only would I like to commend this body of work but I have to say I’m left dissatisfied. I’m dissatisfied because I really wanted there to be a torrid, forbidden romance to bloom between Arlo and Viola. Call me a fan girl or a forever hopeless romantic with an affinity for bad boys but I wish there could be more there… I know things had to end the way that they did but a girl can dream can’t she?
    This was the first novel of yours that I have ever had the pleasure of reading and I’m looking forward to reading more. I just wanted to stop in and show my love.
    Thanks for writing!

    1. Hey Lauren!!

      Your message made me laugh out loud. I just loved it, and you are most definitely not the first and only person asking for Vi and Arlo and UGH! You guys don’t play fair!!! LOL My muse is all kinds of interested right now so FINGERS CROSSED. I make no promises, but I will do what I can. *hugs* thank you kindly for your wonderful message! <3

      1. Too funny…I was thinking the same thing. She is now a lover of art in Paris and has bad girl written into her bones but with a sweet heart. I can see those two colliding again for sure…oh please please ?

  2. I just finished Transcending Darkness. I really enjoyed the attention to detail and that Killian and Juliette weren’t hopelessly in love by chapter 3 and epilogue by chapter 12. I loved all the twisted and turns and mystery. I look forward to more. Although I am not team Arlo & Vi sequel fan. I can’t get past how he treated Juliette and his plans for her and Vi.
    Happy Writing ☺

    1. Hello Bridget!

      Thank you so much for those sweet words! I’m delighted you enjoyed Transcending Darkness and loved Killian and Juliette as much as I did writing them.

      Hugs & Kisses,
      Airicka <3

  3. Love your work. Any word on when sons of judgment book 3 will be out. I might be a little addicted to this family and their stories!


    1. Hey Becs!

      Thank you for the message and for checking out my work. I’m ecstatic that you enjoyed The Sons Of Judgment. Magnus’ Defeat is set to go live early 2016!! ^_^ Thank you again! <3

  4. Is his lullaby baby that last book ur writing for that series or will there be more I absolutely love the baby saga I’m getting ready to start the 5th book I loved them all but lily & Sloane were my favorite!!! Thank you for writing such awesome series!!!

    1. Unfortunately, not at this time. The Baby Saga finished with five books. I may visit these characters in the future, but at this time, His Lullaby Baby is the last book. I’m delighted you enjoyed them! <3

  5. Is Laid Bare going to be available for my Kindle?
    Just started reading The Devil’s Beauty and Love, Love, Love it already.
    Also waiting for Magnus but I know it will be worth it as all your books are 🙂

  6. The Devil’s Beauty was your best written book to date, and yes I have read them all! You can sure weave a tale! Can’t wait for Magnus as well, we fans are a bit spoiled!!

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