An Open Letter To My Readers

It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean the one where you dig out your snowshoes and parkas. I definitely don’t mean the one where pumpkin spice becomes the new religion. I’m talking about that precious, glittery moment in an author’s life where we make lists. It’s list season. At least, it is […]

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#Giveaway & Serendipity News

Exciting things ahead! If you got my July newsletter than you know all about what I’m about to announce. If you’re not following my newsletter … what are you waiting for? JOIN and get exclusive news, giveaways, and updates before anyone else. It’s all manners of cool. For example: for those anticipating the release of […]

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#Giveaway & Laid Bare Release

 —— L A I D   B A R E EROTIC ROMANCE Threesome —— A little something naughty, a little something sweet, okay, a whole lot naughty. Did you get my June newsletter? If so, then you’ll know all about Jinny and her boys, and the choice before them. What’s a girl to do when […]

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The Devil’s Beauty Release

Today’s the day! We’re celebrating the release of THE DEVIL’S BEAUTY. This book is a standalone, dark and twisted romance! Check out the buy links below. You won’t want to miss this sexy novel!   Now Available! PURCHASE NOW! Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | iBooks | B&N   […]

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7 Things You Need To Know About Self-Publishing

What’s scarier than taking a risk? Not taking it.     Publishing, whether traditionally or indie, is a huge chapter in an author or would be author’s life. It’s no longer just about writing a story. It’s suddenly about exposing your underbelly to the entire world. It’s hours of your tears and sweat being torn […]

Surprise: Two Hints

      Hello my loves!   Man o’ man did I miss you guys! I was dragged, by force, to the wilderness and left to fend off cold nights and no electricity. Those of you who know me, KNOW I am not a one-with-nature kinda girl so this was very… interesting. Nevertheless, I did […]

Surprise: Hint Two!

      Here is hint two for all you lovelies! Thank you to those of you who followed my site! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this. Also, I have a really awesome idea for the cover reveal that I am just DYING to get on with! On top […]

Surprise: Hint One!

      So, I know I’ve been dropping hints all over the place about a surprise. And I’ve been dropping hints about dropping hints. Well, here is hint one, plus a litte taster.   This surprise is something that you, my dear and lovely readers, have been asking for since Touching Smoke. And since […]

Torrid — Teaser

        Available at       My contribution to the anthology.   I am dying. The realization is searing like the tip of a red-hot poker burrowing its way deep into my flesh. I bite back a whimper. It’s been so long since sound has left me.   Above me, clouds bleed […]

Touching Smoke Chapter 1

    TOUCHING SMOKE   Love so hot… you’ll burn!       Available on       Chapter 1     “What’s the matter?” Mom honed in on my mood before I even realized I was chewing anxiously on my thumbnail. “Nothing.” I quickly wiped the spit off on my jeans and stuffed my […]