☆¸.•*¨*`•.☆The Arrival☆¸.•*¨*`•.☆

I’m so happy to be announcing this! I’ve been on the edge of my seat since yesterday while all the secret behind the scenes stuff had to happen. But it’s my honor and privilege to announce my new and fabulous PA (Personal Assistant), Kimberly Schaaf! Who has agreed to put up with my slave driving ways and insane scheduling. Bless her. I’d also like to thank Derinda Love, the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful lady in the world, for setting everything up. I know Kim and I are just ecstatic about the whole thing and we have tons and tons of stuff planned for you guys, so stay tuned!
Also, if you haven’t heard by now, I won’t be going to this year’s UytopYA in Nashville due to my husband’s health issues, but Kim will be so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for her! I’ll be loading her up with tons of cool stuff so make sure you introduce yourself and remark on how fantabulous she is (a box of chocolates will also help *wink wink*).
So, please help me make her feel welcome. I know she is excited to begin.


Surprise: Two Hints

Hello my loves!
Man o’ man did I miss you guys! I was dragged, by force, to the wilderness and left to fend off cold nights and no electricity. Those of you who know me, KNOW I am not a one-with-nature kinda girl so this was very… interesting. Nevertheless, I did enjoy myself. We had friends along and roasted marshmallows (the only reason I agreed to go) and all-in-all made it through in one piece.
Now before I jump into the hints (which I want to SO BAD) I want to apologize for the mix up with Amazon. I know I promised everyone free copies of Touching Smoke, but for some reason I can’t get Amazon to play nice. I’m sure it’s all on my part so I’m handling it and trying to get it to work. In the meantime, Touching Smoke IS available for free on Smashwords.
Now, don’t forget the rules: The more Followers I get here on my blog, the faster, BIGGER the reveals will become!
All right, so because of this little mix up with the links, I’m going to give away two hints today!
HINT ONE: This is not TOUCHING FIRE!! *Grin* I know several of you were hoping, but NO. Not Touching Fire! It is part of the Touch Series, but not Book #2.
There ya go! Adore you guys muchly!


Surprise: Hint Two!

Here is hint two for all you lovelies! Thank you to those of you who followed my site! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this. Also, I have a really awesome idea for the cover reveal that I am just DYING to get on with! On top of that, in two days, Touching Smoke will have been out for a solid month, which–yes you guessed it–means SWAG and FREE copies.
I’ll have the eBook version up for free on Amazon and Smashwords starting Aug 31st to Sept 2nd. That is the entire weekend, three solid days of Free, Free, Free!!! And because I love my readers to pieces, I’m going to be giving away Touching Smoke t-shirts, bookmarks, buttons and a whole lot more stuff.
Now, onto Surprise Hint #2!! Remember, all I’m asking is for more Followers! The more I get, the faster and bigger reveals I shall give! ♥

Eeeeeee!!! There it is! There it is!! Isn’t it shiny?
Go ahead, start guessing. Send me your answers, your guesses, your comments and suggestions anywhere you can find me. I check my messages everywhere. If you don’t hear from me, because my email likes to eat my messages sometimes, just send me another message somewhere else.
Also, I want to thank Ambersupernatural AndYareviews for going far and beyond the line of author/blogger/friend in helping promote my site, Touching Smoke and this new reveal. She is incredible and amazing and generous beyond reasoning. She’s also having an insane amount of giveaways on her blog. All she’s asking for is followers in return.

Follow her EVERYWHERE! She is incredible! ♥