Book Related Questions

Q) Will there be more Transcending Darkness?
A) There isn’t any plan to continue Transcending Darkness at this time. But the fastest way to know if that ever changes in the future is by signing up for my Newsletter. You can follow the Crime Lord Syndicate spree by picking up The Devil’s Beauty and Blood Script, both are full length,stand alone novels. Available now.
Q) Will there be more in the Crime Lord Syndicate?
A) Yes. I have plans for several more pieces.
Q) How many books are in The Baby Saga?
A: There are five, one for each of the McClain brothers and their children. You can find the reading order here.
Q) When will Magnus’s Defeat be released?
A) Magnus’ Defeat is now live and available at all online retailers. You can find all links here.
Q) Why did the Sons of Judgment covers change?
A) While I loved the previous covers, the underwater scenes better match the stories.
Q) What are you currently working on?
A) As of Aug 2017, I am writing Touching Embers, book three in the highly anticipated Touch Saga. You can follow my progress by following the Touch Saga Fan Page here. I am also editing a secret project to be revealed soon. You can hear all about it in my Newsletter.
Q) What happened to Serendipity & Off-Script?
A) A dramatic plot change that can be read about here.
Q) I can’t find My Soul For You.
A) My Soul For You is the original title for For Keeps. The original title suggested a paranormal aspect and I worried it might confuse readers. You can read more about it here.

Author Related Questions

Q) Are you an indie author?
A) I am.
Q) Would you ever traditionally publish?
A) Absolutely.
Q) Do you write full time?
A) I do, a fact that I have my beautiful readers to thank for. Love you guys!
Q) Are any of your books optioned or made into film?
A) Not at this time, but I do own the adaptation rights to all my books should the opportunity arise.
Q) Who does your covers?
A) I do them myself. You can find my design page, Airicka’s Mystical Creations here.
Q) How do you feel about your work being turned into Fanfiction?
A) There’s nothing more flattering than having readers love your work so passionately. I am neither for or against Fanfiction itself as a hobby or past-time. But I do ask that my work—characters or plot—not be rewritten or republished in any format, digital or print for any purpose. This is a personal and legal decision that I ask be respected.
Q) Will you read an aspiring (or established) author’s work?
A) I was a reader before I was a writer and I still read religiously. Unfortunately, for legal purposes, I am unable to read for editing/critiquing/reviewing. For quotes on books already contracted/published, all inquiries must be sent to my publicist. Not all requests will be accepted, but all requests will be considered.

Have a question, but you don’t see it here? Contact me via email: AirickaPhoenix@gmail.com or contact my crew here.